“Cheryl’s Sheepskins” began because I was frustrated at never being able to buy a Numnah that actually fitted my saddle correctly.  Drawing a simple pattern and making the sheepskin into something that I was really happy with was just the beginning.  The sheepskin boots came next, then half pads became fashionable due to the fact they were easier to fit.

I currently have something like 150-160 different patterns, which is amazing when we all think our saddles are the same shape. Wrong!!!  Believe me they are not.  We endeavor to fit and manufacture Numnah’s of quality. Our product range has grown considerably and I have been trying to produce new products every 2 months.  We currently have lots of colour happening and the challenge of providing our clients with personal colour choices etc. is exciting to manufacture and sell on at a personal level.

Our motto is “100% Australian Grown, Handmade and then sold on”.

We find our business extremely satisfying and we endeavor to keep a personal touch with all our clients.  Looking forward to the future and lots of exciting products being made for horses of all disciplines. Please browse to our Shop to view the many ways we can shape a sheepskin!